From the recording DUST RHINOS

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Always Be Together

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We go walking hand in hand
travel all across the land
Even if the road is hard to climb
We will always be together

You’re a dreamer, well I am too
And there’s nothing we can’t do
Up in the clouds, or down below
We will always be together

I may not know much
But I know what I’ve got
I’ve got you and
that means a lot
You know you’ve got me,
We know we’ve got us,
It’s more than enough
And we will always be together

Wherever you are, is where I will be
Wherever I go, you’ll follow me
Whatever you do, I’ll do that too
Wherever we are it’s me and you

When you’re sad, I’ll wipe your tears
When you’re old, I won’t see the years
No matter what life throws at us
We will always be together